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Record Crowd Attend 7th Annual Pig Roast  Also Celebrate George Kopcsak's Birthday 13 Oct 07

A record crowd of 75 including classmates, spouses, and guests showed up for the 7th Annual Pig Roast hosted by George and Michele Kopcsak at their "Full Circle Farm" in Browntown, VA on 13 October 2007.  George scheduled the pig roast to be on his 68th birthday so they also celebrated that event. 

It was beautiful, sunny day with a high of 68.  Wasn't that fitting? As a surprise, Michele had arranged for George's son, George, and his wife, Connie (who is seven months pregnant), to come from Georgia as a special birthday surprise.  The two George's did a masterful job on the pig!!  Other guests of George and Michele were Meghan Howard (Michele's daughter), Al and Joyce Maxfield (Michele's parents), and Jerry and Sue Hall.

There were classmates who came from AZ (Nick Vay with Dianne Bonnivier), CA (Jack and Barbara Nevins), MN (Tom and Christiane Lund with Jeanine Callahan, Christiane's sister from Fredericksburg, VA), GA (Gary and Grace Webster), OH (Ed Smith with Diane Boeser), PA (Dan and Pam Barney, Will and Kathy Conley, and Ken and Rachel Meissner), NY (John Lischak with Kay White), TN (Jon and Mary Nitkowski), MD (Todd and Millie Counts, Mac and Nancy Greeley, Russ and Marie Phelps, Pat Prather, and Marty Walsh), and VA (Bob and Judy Boykin, Ed and Rina Brown, Emmy Brown, Dick and Trish Buckner, Tom and Grace Cuthbert, Joe and Ginna Fishburne, Bob and Norma Gants, Bob and Dawn Glass, Gene Goodell, Bob and Nicole Hamilton, Bob and Priscilla Hardiman, George and Marianne Henderson, Pat and Jan Hillier, Hank and Mary Frances Kenny, John Lawton, Bill and Okja Mackie, Lucy Paone, Mark and Kay Popovich, Bill and LuAnn Reno, John and Mary Jane Solomon, and Sam Wilder).

Once again, Ken Meissner's spud gun was a hit.

Click here to view slide show of pictures taken at the Pig Roast.













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