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Washington Pig Roast held at Michele and George Kopcsak's on June 1st, 2002 in Browntown Virginia

Click here to get a PhotoParade of pictures taken at the Pig Roast.

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Attendees at this year's pig roast were:
   * Aaronsohn, Jon and Roseann
   * Berra, Lou and Joyce
   * Brown, Ed and Rina
   * Buckner, Dick and Trish
   * Conley, Will and Kathy
   * Counts, Todd and Millie
   * Ekman, Mike and Ann
   * Ganderson, Marty and Kathy Cole
   * Glass, Bob and Dawn
   * Hamilton, Bob and Nicole
   * Hastings, Dave and Cynthia
   * Heiberg, Bill
   * Henderson, George and Marianne
   * Kopcsak, George and Michele
   * Kremer, Webb and Judy
   * Liebman, Bob
   * Mackie, Bill and Okja
   * Meissner, Ken and Rachel
   * Myerchin, Tom and Barbara
   * Neiger, John and Barbara
   * Rauch, Frank and Joan
   * Rosenkranz, Bob and Barbara
   * Shearer, Cy
   * Starsman, Ray and Marsha
   * Vallely, Paul and Muffin
   * Veatch, Jack and Joan
   * Williams, Frank and Carol