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54 "Die-hards" Show Up for 2003 Pig Roast Despite Weather

A very successful 2003 Pig Roast was held June 7 at George Kopcsak's on the 42nd anniversary of our Graduation from USMA.  According to George, "the weather did not cooperate, but 54 die-hards showed up anyway".  An amazing thing was that there was only one cancellation.

The pig was put in the pit on Friday afternoon when the weather was still bright and sunny.  It started raining around midnight.  A friend helped George stoke and replenish the coals throughout the night and up to about 1500 hrs on Saturday.  The pig turned out "perfect".

George had everyone park down in the lower pasture and walk up the hill to the house.  The house was built in 1831 and so he was a little concerned that 30 people in his small living room watching Funny Cide try to win it all would end up sitting in the root cellar.  But all turned out well.

George and Friend cooking the pig in the rain

Barney, Williams, Zimmerman, Shear, etc in the rain

Brown, Glass, Fishburn, Meisner, Shearer, Williams, etc

Glass, Buckner, Hardiman, Hathaway, Carol Williams, etc

The pig is ready!

Joan Zimmerman, etc in the dining room

Michele posing and everyone else staying dry

Our 42nd anniversary cake

Rosenkranz, Solomon, etc

The Count's grandkids

The finished masterpiece

The ladies staying dry













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