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John B. Kiehlbauch

Company E-1

23 Aug 1938 - 10 Jul 2005

Place of Death: St. Augustine, FL

Interment: Yukon Cemetery, Yukon, OK

Ed Barry has notified us that John B. Kiehlbauch, Company E-1, who left West Point during our 2nd Class year, passed away on July 10, 2005, in St. Augustine, FL.  Ed learned from Renee Cumiskey, John's stepdaughter, that John had a lobectomy in April.  The doctors thought they had successfully removed the tumor but in May discovered the cancer had metastasized to his brain.  John underwent brain surgery but they were unable to remove it all and it quickly returned. 

Condolences can be sent to Ms. Renee Cumiskey, 909 Colonial Dr, St. Augustine, FL  32086-7966.

Well done, John.  Be thou at peace!