To Hamp Hodges For His Contribution To Community Improvement

"The Advocate" - - White Rock Lake, Texas

Our many classmates who live, or have lived, in or near Dallas Texas, are probably familiar with White Rock Lake, a virtual oasis tucked away in the heart of a city filled with traffic lights and blaring horns. Recently "The Advocate," a Dallas publication that addresses subjects of community interest, featured an article which was accompanied by the above page-and-a-half photograph of Hamp Hodges sitting beside White Rock Lake.

An excerpt from the "Advocate" article follows:

Someday soon, neighborhood children will race each other over to White Rock Lake across a pedestrian walkway, down plant-lined paths, safe from traffic. And it began with the simple wish of one much-loved wife and mother. . . .

Five years ago, Hampton Hodges and his wife moved to our neighborhood. They had spent almost every weekend prior to the move looking for the perfect neighborhood, a neighborhood surrounded by beauty away from the cookie-cutter homes of suburbia and the cement of shopping center parking lots.

Mrs. Hodges spent most of those weekends at White Rock Lake with two of her daughters. Both lived in Dallas, and the time they spent with their mother was precious. Mrs. Hodges grew to love White Rock Lake, both for its beauty and the wildlife inhabiting the area. And, after months of searching, the couple found their perfect home in Lakewood, within walking distance of the lake.

The home was special to them. Mrs. Hodges had been recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and she and her family knew that the time they spent together would be treasured. From the couple's home on Tokalon Drive, they could walk to the lake and enjoy an afternoon together.

But there was one thing Mrs. Hodges didn't like.

Children in the area had to walk from Tokalon Drive, across Williamson Road, across a gully, and then over railroad tracks just to reach the lake. Mrs. Hodges wished that there could be a safer and more convenient pathway to the lake for neighborhood children.

A few years later, Mrs. Hodges died from cancer. And, in her memory, her husband began considering building the pathway she envisioned.

"She loved the lake and watching birds. It was very therapeutic for her. I thought this would be a great way to contribute," he says.

Hodges approached the City of Dallas with the idea of making a paved pathway from Tokalon Drive to White Rock. He volunteered to hire a contractor, get the work completed, and then donate the pathway back to the City. The City approved his proposal.

[The article continues with a discussion of postponement of the project because of planned dredging of White Rock Lake.]

Not included in the "Advocate" article was the photograph of Buffy Hodges, below, who was an active participant in class activities, and known and loved by many classmates.

Elizabeth Hoyle Graham (Buffy) Hodges

September 12, 1941 - January 13, 1999

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