USMA Class of 1961

“Second to None”


28 April 2012




Class Committee



Bob Glass


Vice President

Bruce Shroyer



Dick Buckner



Ed Brown



Marty Ganderson



Lucy Paone


1.      Bob Glass convened the meeting at 1030.  All members were present.  A synopsis of the committee’s discussions follows.

2.      WPAOG Leaders Conference:  The annual conference will be held 16-18 August 2012 at West Point.  Since the agenda topics will be discussed only on 17 August, the committee concluded that Bruce Shroyer will be the class representative.  Marty Ganderson may be able to attend depending on his calendar.  Committee members were asked to provide Bruce topics/questions they would like him to present at the conference.

3.      Nominations:

a.       The committee discussed nominations of classmates for positions on the WPAOG Board of Directors and Council of Advisors.  Nominations must be submitted by 27 July.

b.      The committee discussed nomination of classmates for the Distinguished Graduate Award.  Nominations must be submitted in early November.

c.       The committee discussed nomination of classmates for the Army Sports Hall of Fame.  Nominations can be submitted between 1 August 2012 and 1 February 2013.

4.      50th Reunion:

a.       After-Action Reports:

(1)      Todd Counts (transportation), Jack Zimmerman (Marriott hotel and meals), and Ed Brown (administration) have submitted after-action reports for our 50th reunion.  Bob will develop an after-action report from his perspective as reunion committee chairman for the benefit of chairmen of future reunions.  He will seek input from reunion committee members.  Problem areas to be considered are duties and availability (hours and days) of class aides, set-up of the AOG Gift Shop for distribution of orders, and coordination of problem areas with other classes.

(2)      Bob mentioned sending a letter to the CEO of Leprechaun Bus Lines complaining about the bus service to the cruise.  Copies were sent to Vince McDermott, Director of Alumni Affairs, USMA, and Nadia King, Director of Class Support, WPAOG.  Leprechaun Bus Lines never responded.

b.      Class Gift to the Center for Oral History:

(1)      The committee discussed the lack of recognition of the $1 million donation to the Center for Oral History and expressed its displeasure that there was no publicity of the gift on the WPAOG web site and nothing in the Pointer View.

(2)      Ed provided a copy of a page from the Center for Oral History web site that shows the class of 1961 as a “major supporter” and the “USMA Leaders Through History (West Point Class of 1961 Archive)” page.  These pages do provide recognition of the class of 1961 but only to those who access them.

c.       After-Action Report or Critique of the 50-Year Affiliation Program:

(1)      The committee discussed the value of the program from both the 1961 and 2011 class perspectives.  It was agreed that some activities, e.g., class flag presentation at the conclusion of yearling training at Camp Buckner, presentation of class coins at the affirmation ceremony, presentation of branch insignia at branch night, the class officers’ dinner, and presentation of 2LT bars at graduation, did provide the opportunity for members of both classes to interact.  However, the program has not resulted in any long-term relationships.  The committee decided to send each member of the class of 2011 a letter recognizing the anniversary of their graduation and wishing them continued success in their military careers.  Ed will draft and coordinate the letter with committee members.  He will contact the class of 2011 secretary to determine the best method for disseminating to the class.

(2)      Ed reported that the total cost of the program was $31,864 − $11,136 less than was briefed to the class at the 40th reunion business meeting.

5.      40th Reunion Gift – Reconciliation Plaza:

a.       Bruce agreed to remain as the PM for maintenance of Reconciliation Plaza.  He outlined a program for further enhancement of the area to the left of the dedication monuments that cadets had been using as a cut-through and the maintenance program for this year.

b.      Dick reported that $877 remains from the 2011 proffer and agreed to submit a $5,000 proffer to provide funds to pay for upcoming maintenance and area improvement expenses.

c.       The committee determined that it would address the subject of a maintenance endowment at a future date.

6.      55th Reunion:  The committee discussed if it should seek to identify a 55th reunion committee chairman in a state with a high concentration of classmates (as we did for our 45th).  Rather than doing so at this time, Ed volunteered to get feedback on the recently established AOG program for reunion support to see if this might be a suitable alternative for our 55th reunion.  A list of services that the AOG will perform and the associated fee is at Enclosure 1.

7.      Class Mini-Reunions:

a.       Charleston:  The committee encourages classmates to host mini-reunions such as the one in Charleston being planned by Joe Fishburne, John Goldtrap, and Gary Hyde for 14-19 October.  The committee also recognized Gary Hyde and Gene Witherspoon for hosting mini-reunions since our 50th Reunion.

b.      Cruises:  The committee recognized Connie Budge for her initiative in planning cruises on the Russia (2012) and Portugal (2013). 

c.       Company reunions:  The committee recognized companies for having company reunions and encourages other companies to consider reunions to strengthen relationships fostered over many years.

8.      Other:

a.       Treasurer's report: Dick reported that balances as of 28 April are:

(1)      Class Admin Fund:  $51,625.62.

(2)      Class Gift Fund:  $270,994.62.

b.      Lucy’s role:

(1)      Lucy is the class point of contact for class widows and represents them as an ex-officio member of the class committee.

(2)      Lucy outlined what she has done to establish the roster of widows – the “Golden Girls.”  Every June she mails a roster in booklet format to every widow.  In December, she sends a roster as an attachment to an e-mail with changes highlighted.

c.       Class dues:  Ed provided copies of the letters sent to the class in 1966 and 2001 soliciting $20 dues.  Based on the current balance in the admin fund, the committee tabled discussion of requesting dues at this time.

9.      The meeting adjourned at 1500.

                                                                                                Respectfully submitted,



                                                                                                Ed Brown





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