USMA Class of 1961

“Second to None”

25 September 2002


Class Committee

Bob Glass

Vice President
Glen Adams

Dick Buckner

Ed Brown

Bill Heiberg

Marty Ganderson

1.      Bob Glass convened the meeting at 1940 hours at his house.  Members present were Bob, Dick Buckner, Ed Brown, and Marty Ganderson.  Glen Adams participated by speaker phone.  Bill Heiberg was not able to attend.

2.      Old Business:

a.       Minutes of the 5 June 2002 meeting:  The minutes of the 5 June 2002 meeting were approved.

b.      40th Reunion After Action Report:  Bob, Dick, and Webb still need to complete their portions.  Bob and Ed will consolidate the inputs into the final report.

c.       2003 Cruise:  John Solomon has reported to Bob reported that 45 couples have signed up for the cruise.  Special arrangements include group seating at meals, a cocktail party, and the possibility of dinner in the Olympic, the specialty dining room on the Millennium.

d.      Presentation of Stivers Painting:  Ed reported that Bob and Don Stivers presented the painting to the AOG on 17 June.  The presentation was followed by a reception for the 11 classmates, 6 wives, and 18 guests of the class who attended.

e.       Rebate from Sale of Items by Everywear at 40th Reunion:  Dick reported that $324.20 – 2% of the total of $16,210 from sales of Everywear merchandise at our 40th Reunion – was initially deposited into the Class Gift Account. The AOG subsequently transferred that amount into the Admin Fund.

3.      New Business:

a.       Treasurer’s Report:  Dick Buckner provided the following status of funds:

(1)          Class Gift Fund:  The balance as of 10 Oct 02 is $ 26,367.09.

(2)          Class Administrative Fund: The balance as of 10 Oct 02 is $ 47,601.73.

4.      Reconciliation Plaza Maintenance Contract:  Bob reported that the class will not be able to contract directly for maintenance of Reconciliation Plaza.  However, Bob sent a letter to Gus Fishburne requesting options to ensure that maintenance of the site meets class expectations.  Bob will turn Gus’s response over to Webb Kremer for action.

a.       AOG Leaders Conference:  Ed represented the class at the 15-17 August AOG Leaders Conference.  He previously provided each committee member portions of the minutes of the conference pertinent to class activities that he extracted from the AOG web site.  He discussed the following topics in more detail:

(1)          Perpetual Flowers Program:  The AOG has established a program whereby, for a $6,000 endowment donation, a person can have flowers placed on the grave of a loved one buried at the West Point cemetery up to four times a year, in perpetuity.  Ed has addresses for 8 widows of the 19 classmates buried at the West Point –Couvillion, Coyle, Daniloff, Hines, Kemp, Raynis, Sloan, and Wildermuth – and will prepare a letter, for Bob’s signature, to each widow apprising them of this program.

(2)          Assembly:

(a)           Ed provided each committee member a copy of the handout explaining the decision of the AOG Board of Trustees to move memorial articles into a supplemental publication, perhaps to be called Taps, published twice a year and distributed with Assembly.  It was suggested that the first Assembly to appear without memorial articles should be sent with the first copy of Taps to avoid confusion.

(b)          Attendees were chided about the dismal class subscription rates for the Assembly and were urged take on the mission of increasing subscription rates.

(3)          50-year Class Affiliation:  The Class of 1949 started an affiliation program with the Class of 1999 by presenting each graduate with an inscribed second lieutenant’s bar at graduation.  Subsequent classes have continued this tradition; in fact, they have increased participation by funding such items as the class flag presented during yearling summer and cow affirmation when each cadet is given a class coin.  The committee must consider such programs for the class of 2011 when it enters in 2007.

(4)          AOG Membership for Widows:  An AOG Board of Trustees ad hoc committee unanimously recommended that spouses of deceased graduates automatically become associate members of the AOG.  Spouses will have the opportunity to decline the membership if they so desire.

b.      Donation in Memory of Bruce Lammers:  As requested by his family, the class will send a donation to the Central Institute for the Deaf of St. Louis, Missouri, in memory of Bruce.

c.       Other:

(1)          Communication with AOG Board of Trustees (BOT):  Bob has contacted Jay McCann and Dick Behrenhausen, our current class representatives on the AOG BOT, regarding opening a line of communication between them and the Class Committee.  Both agree that it is a good idea.  This will enable the committee to convey its thoughts concerning agenda items being considered by the BOT.  It would also permit understanding what issues are of concern to the Academy and to share the committee’s thoughts and opinions.

(2)          Recognition Subcommittee:  Bob reported that Ron has indicated he will no longer be able to chair the Recognition Subcommittee after the first of the year.  The committee will seek a replacement.

5.      The committee agreed to schedule the next meeting for 22 January 2003.  The meeting adjourned at 2135.


                                                                                                Respectfully submitted,

                                                                                                Ed Brown