15 February 2014




1.   Bob Glass convened the meeting at 1030.  Bob, Dick, and Lucy were present.  Bruce, Ed, and Marty participated by conference call.  A synopsis of the committee’s discussions follows.


2.   Treasurer’s Report:

a.   Admin Fund Balance – $63,847.96.

b.   Gift Fund Balance – $350,024.72.

c.   Action:  Dick will check to determine if the total in the gift account includes or excludes outstanding pledges not completely paid.

3.   Secretary’s Report on Personnel:

a.   Deceased Classmates:  Grads – 126 (23.6%); Non-Grads – 47 including 23 determined by comparing names and dates of birth with the Social Security Death Index.

b.   Classmates with Mailing Addresses – 547, includes widows and non-grads.

c.   Widows with Mailing Addresses – 89.

d.   E-Mail Addresses – 496.

e.   E-Mail Addresses at the AOG – 441.

f.   Widowers – 35.


4.   Reconciliation Plaza Maintenance Proffer:

a.   The class continues to contract James Presutti, Hudson Valley Horticulture Services, Inc., to maintain Reconciliation Plaza.

b.   The class budgets $4,000 for annual maintenance cost.  This includes 12 visits to the site, fertilization of the grass, and planting of flowers.

c.   Bob proposed, and the committee approved, an annual payment to Bruce in the amount of $4,000 to pay for invoices from Hudson Valley Horticulture Services, Inc.

d.   Dick noted that the gift fund still has a balance of $5,877 in the proffer to maintain Reconciliation Plaza.  Bruce questioned this amount and Dick will try to get the details.

e.   Despite the plantings completed in 2010, cadets are still cutting across the southwest section of Reconciliation Plaza adjacent to Thayer Road.  The committee needs to develop another solution to resolve this problem.

f.   Bruce noted West Point does nothing to maintain the area around Reconciliation Plaza.  For example, a tree that died has not been replaced and the pavers in front of the monuments are not level.  The committee needs to determine if the gift fund should be used to correct these deficiencies.

g.   Action:  Bruce will provide a quarterly report of expenditures.

h.   Action:  Bob check with DPW in writing to determine what maintenance issues they will address in Reconciliation Plaza – tree replacement, grass fertilization, grass mowing, paver replacement, other?

i.   Action:  Dick:  This year’s proffer should include $4,000 for annual maintenance, $800 for contingencies, less what is available in the current proffer (see 4.d above).


5.   Report/Comments on Widows:

a.   Golden Girl rosters sent twice a year – December attached to an e-mail from Lucy; June in booklet format mailed by Ed.

b.   Ed agreed to send the updated December roster to committee members.


6.   Class Website (including Event Calendar):

a.   The class is indebted to Sam Weiss for his management of the class website.

b.   The class needs a contingency plan for a successor.

c.   Action:  Bob will call Sam to discuss.


7.   55th Reunion Committee:

a.   The 55th Reunion Committee is chaired by Gary Hyde with Bob Cairns, Joe Fishburne, Burke Mucho, Phil Mallory, and Gene Witherspoon.

b.   Results from the first three reunion committee surveys and other data gathering have provided valuable information for the 55th, including:

(1)   The reunion committee has very good insight into what the class liked best about past reunions, what was least liked about past reunions, and what the class would like to see for the 55th.

(2)   By a very large margin the class wants the reunion to be held at West Point.

(3)   Again by large margin, the class wants to have the reunion during the Alumni Weekend in May 2016 – currently 15-18 May.

(4)   The reunion committee has very good initial inputs from a number of hotels that can accommodate the class and has good prospect for competitive choices for where to stay.

(5)   The reunion committee knows that lodging at West Point is a viable alternative.

(6)   The reunion committee has an extensive list of potential optional activities and attractions for attendees.

c.   The reunion committee will next work on where to stay:

(1)   Over the next few months the committee will refine the options for lodging.

(2)   In May 2014 members of the committee will visit all the locations on the short list.

(3)   At that time the committee will provide the hotel reps with our detailed requirements for the reunion and coordinate our needs with them.

(4)   The committee will solicit firm proposals from each of the hotels.

(5)   The committee will consolidate the proposals, prepare the next survey, and send it to the class for its vote.

(6)   At that point the ball is in the class court to review the material and determine its preference for where to stay.


8.   Class Mini-Reunions

a.   23 – 28 Jan 14 - Orlando (Gary Hyde) – 42 classmates; 81 people.

b.   13-16 Mar 14 - A-2 in Charleston (Jack Zimmerman).

c.   3-12 May 14 – Israel (Pete Gleichenhaus).

d.   18-28 Jun 14 – Budapest to Bucharest Cruise (Connie Budge).

e.   30 Nov-7 Dec 14 – Danube River (Budapest – Passau) Christmas Markets Cruise (Connie Budge).

f.   15-22 Sep 15 – Amsterdam to Basil River Cruise (Connie Budge).


9.   Army Sports Hall of Fame:

a.   Jon Aaronshon and Al Vanderbush have been elected.

b.   Bob Kewley nominated and is being considered again.


10.  Center for Oral History:

a.   Dick noted that when he clicked on our class crest on the Center for Oral History he got a blank screen.

b.   Action:  Bob agreed to contact the COH to rectify the situation (Note:  The link on the COH website to our class web site,, is incorrect.  It should be


11.  Memorial Articles:

a.   Dick suggested that the memorial article page for deceased classmates on the AOG web site should include information comparable to what is in the Last Roll Call section of our class web site.

b.   Ed explained that the AOG has a policy for publication of memorial articles (see and the AOG does not include obituaries published in newspapers in the memorial article pages of deceased classmates.

c.   Action:  Bob agreed to contact Bob McClure to see if such information could be included in the memorial article pages of deceased classmates on the AOG web site.


12.  Periodic Memorial Service:

a.   Bruce suggested that the class sponsor a periodic memorial service to recognize deceased classmates more frequently than at five-year class reunions.

b.   Action:  The committee agreed that each committee member will develop a strawman for such a service for consideration by the committee.


13.  Future Meetings – Bob expressed his desire to have the committee meeting more frequently, and proposed semi-annually.  The committee concurred.


14.  The meeting adjourned at 1200.

Text Box:                       Respectfully submitted,


                            Ed Brown