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Anthony B. Brown "Tony"

Company M-2

14 Aug 1938 - 18 Jan 2016

Place of Death: Casper, WY

Interment: TBA

It is with great regret and sorrow that we must notify you of the death of our Classmate, Tony Brown on 18 Jan 16 in Casper, WY.

Tony is survived by wife Patricia (Patti).  Patti's address is 2100 S. Cedar Street, Casper, WY  82601-5216.

Well done, Tony.  Be thou at peace.


Class Memorial Pages\M-2 Tony Brown.pdf

A Tribute to Anthony B “Tony” Brown
14 Aug 1938 - 18 Jan 2016

Tony Brown - age 77 - "slipped these surly bonds", on 18 Jan '16 while taking a snooze in a hospital near his Casper, Wyoming home. His heart 'just punched out' after a ten-day scramble to finally ease his evolved woes.

Tony had a passion and talent for seeking out bad guys and their stuff while flying an armed Mohawk thru the mountains and river gorges in the "twilight-battle zone" of southern Laos, circa '66/'67. When flying 'his wing', you best be in position to pop anyone - quick like! - who dared bushwhack him as he skimmed the deck looking for enemy sign. He was no less dedicated in protecting your butt when flying the deck in the enemy's wheelhouse.

Tony hung up his Army Spurs to fly commercial birds in '68 - and ferry OV-1 Mohawks for Grumman Aircraft, now and again. He was subsequently recruited - into Georgia's Army National Guard - to help train-up a fledging Mohawk unit in Winder, GA, circa '71/'72.

As XO, with 'Hawk bona fides from the ongoing war in SE Asia, he began 'stacking the deck' with trustworthy folk for his eventual Command in '73 thru '76. Under his command, the 158th MI Company (Avn)...with the tactical call sign "Rowdy"...was a "Can Do!", non-Mickey Mouse, high-spirited and adept outfit in both work and that order.

He took great joy in out-maneuvering - and out-cherry picking the uninformed State bureaucrats who dared mess with his troops and mission. When all else failed, he'd bow-up his 6-foot. 5-inch frame...and suggest an ass-kicking session to settle the matter. Bottom line, his troops were going to be trained and motivated to conduct warfare - if called - as a proud and "Will Do" Unit...sans ANY, rear-echelon crap-olla. Period!

When his name comes up at future 'campfires', his legacy will spill forth in a flood of escapades and such that this obit hasn't room for. Believe me! Out!
john l. pfeiffer


CASPER -- Memorial services for Anthony Byron Brown, 77, will be held at a later date in South Carolina. He served in the Army. He died Monday, Jan. 18, 2016, in Casper. Bustard’s Funeral Home has been entrusted with arrangements