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Laurence C. J. Windsor, Jr.

Laurence C. J. Windsor



Date of Birth:

July 4, 1935


Ruth Lindstrom

Married On:

December 12, 1978 (second marriage)


Patience Wells Windsor (Jackson)

Laurence Edward Windsor


Nicholas Bernhard Jackson

Phoebe Constance Jackson

Theodore Thomas Jackson


152 Millertown Road, Bedford, NY 10506-1302


914-234-7546 (H)
212-210-5562 (O)




As penance for having resigned from the Corps (I returned to the Marine Corps from whence I had come), I have been serving, if you will, for the last 10 years as a Senior Vice President and Director of the Young & Rubicam Army Group here in New York on the U.S. Army Advertising Account (USAREC, Cadet Command and OCAR). I am still on per diem. However, as of late, as my hair has turned to gray and my face has started to collapse, general grade officers are starting to call me “Sir.” I serve on the New York State Committee of ESGR, and am a Governor for both AUSA and the NY West Point Society. Was nominated to be a Civilian Aide to Secretary of the Army just as Clinton came in. Nomination was deep-sixed and awarded to Walter Kaye . . . the chap who got Monica Lewinsky the internship. My wife Ruth and I have written a novel (which Jay Olejniczak scrubbed) entitled Spare Parts, which we obviously hope to have published. If you are in New York, drop by and we'll turn out the guard.

I am have been back in D.C. since February 2002 as Managing Director,Communications for the Veterans Corporation  working for MG Chuck Henry USA Ret (veteranscorp.org) and staying with Marty Ganderson. I commute between here and Bedford NY each week.

 Semper Fi.

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