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Samuel N. Weiss
Samuel N Weiss



Date of Birth:

November 29, 1936


Roberta (Bobbi) Stern

Married On:

February 11, 1962


Tracy Weiss (b.  10/22/62) / Portland, OR

Rebecca Weiss-Clark (11/6/66) /  Portland, OR

Julie Threfall (b.  3/25/70) / Aloha, OR (Husband Brian Threlfall)


Benjamin Putnam (b.  11/85) / Portland, OR

Geoffrey Putnam (b.  6/87) / Portland, OR

Britni Clark (b.  10/91) / Portland, OR

Melissa Threlfall (b.  10/92) / Aloha, OR

Jessica Threlfall (b.  8/96) / Aloha, OR

Michael Threlfall (b.  7/98) / Aloha, OR




5555 S.  W.  Seymour Court, Portland, OR 97221





I have lived all of these years since leaving USMA in Portland, Oregon.  After leaving Company I-1, I returned to the University of Oregon where I got a B.A.  in Political Science (emphasis on the political history of South and Southeast Asia).  I picked up on the hints we got at Camp Buckner about how well certain tanks do in the rice patties, etc.  Almost went to work for a certain interesting agency, but met my wife-to-be and passed that opportunity by.  After getting married in 1962, I went back to college a year later and graduated with a B.S.  in Engineering from the University of Portland in 1966.  This way I now had at least one degree that I could support a family on.  I have been in Information Technology most of the years after getting my Engineering degree.

Military career-wise, after leaving West Point I was reassigned to my old Army Reserve Division and by 1965 had been promoted to E-7.  At that time I was offered, and accepted, a direct commission as a 2LT.  I continued to serve in the 104th USAR Division (Tng) until I retired as a very senior captain in 1977 with 20 full years for retirement and 24 years for pay.  During those years, I served in such assignments as an Assistant G-3 on the Division Staff, BCT Company Commander, Battalion S-3, Assistant Division IG (with detail to the IG Corp), and an Assistant G-1 on the Division Staff.

I think it was Nick Vay who was always telling me to watch my weight when we were working out in PE.  Well, PE “found” me and made me leave USMA.  And, 18 years later, weight got me passed over and made me retire from the Army.  One especially good thing I found out after I left West Point was why I had to go on sick call so often.  Turns out I am very allergic to feathers and wool.  Boy, was I in the right place for that.  Also had to have an operation on my nose to fix a dysfunctional nostril.  That explained the stitches when running.  Guess my eventual career sitting in front of a computer terminal was the best fit after all.

August 23, 2002 I completed 20 years with NIKE and retired from that fun and gratifying environment.  Now I am trying to put some of that Information Technology experience to good use by working on this Class Web Site.  I am also the Webmaster for the Wounded Warrior Mentor Program out of  Walter Reed and Ft Belvoir.

Since December 2003 I have volunteered as a Certified Long-Term Care Ombudsman with the State of Oregon.  I have been assigned to many Assisted Living Facilities and Skilled Nursing Facilities  It was a good match to use my former IG experience.

This picture was taken at the 60th Birthday Party that our daughters gave for Bobbi's 60th birthday.  What a fine gathering of family, friends, and people from over the years.

Starting on the left and in back is our daughter Rebecca; our grandson Geoffrey; his mother and our oldest daughter Tracy; her other son Ben; our only current son-in-law Brion; his wife and our youngest daughter Julie, who is holding our youngest grandchild Michael, who is Julie and Brion's youngest.  In the front row, again starting on the left, is Rebecca's daughter Britni on her grandfather's knee; then Julie and Brion's daughter Jessica on the birthday girl, Grandma Bobbi's lap; then Julie and Brion's oldest daughter Melissa. 













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