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Clayton Imes Grant Jr.
14 Feb 1938 - 15 Dec 1972

Clayton Imes Grant Jr.

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How can I objectively speak of Imes? I guess I can't.

I know this though, Imes opened up a whole new world for me, just by being himself. Maybe the best way to describe Imes would be to tell you some of what I saw in him.

Imes had a saying or maybe a motto that I heard him refer to on numerous occasions "When I am gone," he would say, "I hope people will say of me, 'He left things better than he found them.' " I don't know whether he'd heard this before and liked it, or if he had assumed that motto for himself, through his own thoughts, but I know it was something that burned deeply in Imes. He truly approached every facet of life, looking and probing to see if there was something new and better that he could add from his own mind and personality. I can truthfully say, "He has left me better than he found me."

Imes had a cold, logical, analytical mind which would function under the most chaotic conditions - - sometimes to the exasperation of those around him. His mind functioned with a beautiful precision anywhere from a game of chess, an analysis of military involvement, a back water computer program or to his own relationship with his Creator. And yet, his mind at quiet times could be captured and overcome by a heart that felt to the very deepest. His whole being would vibrate his feelings. He could become so involved in a funny story, you couldn't keep up with it through his laughter, he could become so involved in tragedy or sorrow, that you could not help but weep with him even if you knew you did not understand and feel what he understood and felt, he could share pride with you in yours or his own accomplishments and you soared high because you felt his warmth carrying you up; you could feel peace and calm with Imes when you watched him working with nature because whether he was riding on the waves in the Gulf of Mexico or tending a rose bush in the front yard, you felt he was in tune.

Imes was a thorough human being, because even though he had faults, he gave consideration to every level of life and looked deeply into it. Imes weighed and measured every area of life that he knew about and he had found a deep spirit that reached to the heart of his life. He lived on a day to day basis to the very best of his ability and on a one to one ratio, trying to accept each person as a unique individual, to be accepted as they were.

Imes died at the age of 34. How regretful I feel sometimes for Imes' youthful passing and yet, I know Imes lived more in his lifetime than many men twice his age live; how lonely and empty I feel without him, and yet I know the real loneliness and emptiness was before knowing a man like Imes.

Yes, Imes taught me of life, the human aspects and the aspects of a spirit aware, not only of himself but of others. I have enumerated only a part. But if I am to carry out just a portion of what I have learned from knowing Imes, I have a fulfilling life ahead of me. With the help of God, I too can leave things better than I find them, wherever I may go.

I do not know if I have lived before. If I have, I wonder if I've shared with Imes before. But my highest of tributes to Imes is this - - if I live again, I pray to God that I may again share my life with a spirit that I knew as Imes Grant.

--Mrs. Imes Grant

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