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James A. Goldstine

Jim Goldstine



Date of Birth:

June 22, 1939



Married On:

June 10, 1961


Gigi Nay, January 10, 1963 ’69)

Krista Goldstine-Cole, June 20, 1965 ’95)


PO Box 1072, Evergreen, CO 80437


Home (303) 670-1562, Off (303) 670-3132


GoldstJA@AOL.COM, lgoldstine@AOL.COM


Jim spent two tours in Germany and two in Viet Nam. He left the service in November, 1975. While in the service he was assigned to the 4th Armored Division; the Training Brigade, Ft. Sill, OK; the Artillery Center, Ft. Sill, OK; Fifth Corps Artillery, Fifth Special Forces Group; and, 101st Abn Division.

While assigned to Fifth Corps Artillery in Germany, he took a masters degree in business administration from the University of Arkansas. After leaving the service Jim acquired the necessary courses in accounting from Metropolitan State College to sit for the CPA examination. He was certified in 1980 in Colorado.

Jim operated as a sole practioner from 1982 until 1994 when he and an old friend and mentor, Elmer Jackson, formed Jackson & Goldstine, P.C. The practice concentrates on small businesses and not-for-profit organizations. Audits, management and computer consulting, and taxation are the focus of the practice.

Gigi Nay, the oldest daughter, lives in Idaho Springs, CO, with her four children. Krista lives in Oylmpia, WA, with her family.

Lyn has been a realtor in Evergreen since 1977 and has had her own company since 1984. In December, 1995, she received a liver transplant. She has since been active as a volunteer promoting transplantation.

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