USMA Class of 1961             

“Second to None”

5 June 2002


Class Committee

Bob Glass

Vice President
Glen Adams

Dick Buckner

Ed Brown

Bill Heiberg

Marty Ganderson

1.      Bob Glass convened the meeting at 1920 hours at Ed Brown’s house.  Members present were Bob, Dick Buckner, Ed Brown, Bill Heiberg, and Marty Ganderson.  Glen Adams was not able to participate.

2.      The agenda is at Enclosure 1.

3.      Old Business:

a.       Minutes of the 6 March 2002 meeting:  The minutes of the 6 March 2002 meeting were approved.

b.      40th Reunion After Action Report:  The target is now to have the report completed by 30 Sep 02.

c.       Distinguished Graduate Award Presentation:  Bob reported that ten classmates – Ekman, Glass, Gleichenhaus, Grisoni, LaBorne, Mackie, Murphy, Shroyer, Stoneham, and Vanderbush – attended the presentation of the Distinguished Graduate Award to George Joulwan on Tuesday, 27 May 02.  Unfortunately, a steady rain Monday night and the threat of more rain led the Academy to cancel the Alumni Review so the presentation was made at the Alumni Luncheon in Washington Hall.  After the luncheon, classmates and their guests adjourned to the West Point Club for a class reception for George and Karen.  George was very appreciative of all coming, especially two roommates – Mike Ekman and Pat Murphy.

d.      2003 Cruise:  Ed reported that 25 classmates, plus Rusty Wilkerson ’62 who was with us through 2nd Class Year, have signed up for the cruise.  (As of 26 June, 30 classmates have signed up.)

e.       Presentation of Stivers Painting:

(1)          Ed reported that Paul DeVries and he picked up the framed painting from the Stivers on 23 April.  The committee approved payment of $400 to Stivers publishing for the frame based on our 1997 agreement.

(2)          The committee had earlier determined that the existing frame did not complement the painting and approved reframing.  The painting and supporting frame containing the Class of 1961 and USMA crests, the brass plaque indicating that the painting was donated the Class of 1961 to the AOG, and the write-up explaining the painting were framed by Fredericksburg Historical Prints in Fredericksburg, VA, at a cost of $418.00.

(3)          The presentation will be at 1400, 17 June, in Herbert Hall.  Bob will make the formal presentation assisted by Don and the senior AOG representative, either Tom Dyer or Seth Hudgins.  A reception will follow.  Invited guests include the Superintendent, Commandant, Dean, Head of the History Department, USMA Historian, USMA Librarian, Curator of the West Point Museum, and various AOG officials.

4.      New Business:

a.       Treasurer’s Report:  Dick Buckner provided the following status of funds:

(1)          Class Gift Fund:  The current balance is $23,504.44.  All loans from classmates have been refunded.

(2)          Class Administrative Fund:  The current balance is $48,687.35.

b.      Rebate from Sale of Items by Everywear at 40th Reunion:  When the 40th Reunion Committee agreed to permit Everywear to sell items with the class crest at the reunion, Everywear agreed to give the class 2% of all sales.  Dick will contact the company to determine the status of the rebate.

c.       DGA and BOT Nomination Procedures:  The committee approved the procedures for nomination of members of the Class of 1961 for recognition by the AOG as Distinguished Graduates of the United States Military Academy and to serve as trustees-at-large on the AOG Board of Trustees.  The key is that nominations may be made by any Classmate to the Class Committee by June 1 of each year.

d.      AOG Board of Trustee Nominations:  Each committee member is to provide Ed a priority list of five classmates for consideration as a member of the AOG Board of Trustees.  Ed will consolidate and rank order the list and Bob will use the approved nomination procedures in selecting the nominee to be submitted this year.

e.       Reconciliation Plaza Maintenance Contract:  The committee agreed that the class should have a contract for maintenance of the Reconciliation Plaza monuments and grounds.  Bob Lenz has stated that an endowment of $50,000 would provide sufficient funds for such a contract; however, the committee agreed that the class, rather than the AOG or USMA DHPW, should let and monitor the contract.  Ed will ask Webb Kremer to investigate with officials at West Point how the class can execute such a contract.

f.        Class Leaders Conference:  The annual Society Presidents and Class Leaders Conference will be held at West Point 15-17 August.  Bob should be getting information concerning this meeting within the next month.  Bob will attend if his schedule permits; if it doesn’t, a substitute from the committee will represent the class.

g.       Other:

(1)          Donation in Memory of Marsh Harrington:  Ed reported that the donation in memory of Marsh Harrington that was sent to the American Heart Association in Queensbury, New York, the address provided by Marsh’s son Michael, was returned by the Post Office without a forwarding address.  Since repeated attempts to contact Michael to obtain a corrected address were unsuccessful, the committee approved sending the donation to the office closest to Queensbury.  Ed sent it to the Albany office on 6 June.

5.      The committee agreed to schedule the next meeting for 25 September.  The meeting adjourned at 2130.


                                                                                                Respectfully submitted,


                                                                                                Ed Brown





               USMA Class of 1961             

“Second to None”

5 June 2002



1.      Old Business


a.       Minutes of 6 Mar 02 meeting                                                                                     Ed Brown

b.      40th Reunion After Action Report                                                                              Bob Glass

c.       Distinguished Graduate Award Presentation                                                               Bob Glass

d.      2003 Cruise                                                                                                              Bob Glass

e.       Presentation of Stivers Painting                                                                                  Ed Brown


2.      New Business


a.       Treasurer’s Report                                                                                                    Dick Buckner

b.      Rebate from Sale of Items by Everywear at 40th Reunion                                           Dick Buckner

c.       DGA and BOT Nomination Procedures                                                                    Bob Glass

d.      AOG Board of Trustees Nominations                                                                        Bob Glass

e.       Reconciliation Plaza Maintenance Contract                                                                Ed Brown

f.        Class Leaders Conference                                                                                        Bob Glass

g.       Other
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